GridCars has announced an increase in its electric vehicle network charge rates effective 1 June 2023. The company responsible for rolling out the majority of EV charging stations nationwide for brands like Jaguar, BMW, Audi announced it will increase its network tariffs by 25%.

According to a mail out sent to all customers, it said “the latest price increase from NERSA renders many sites infeasible to operate, therefore, we are now required to do a rate adjustment.”

After absorbing the cost of annual electricity price increases over the last four years, the new rates will be as follows: R7.35 per kWh on a DC charger from a previous R5.88 per kWh; and R5.88 on an AC charger from a previous R4.70 per kWh.

The company added: “While we are cognisant of the impact of such an increase, know that we have worked with our sites and partners to keep the increased rate to the minimum – in the years since the R5.88 rate was established, Eskom has increased the cost of electricity by more than 66%.”

Examples of the new rates if using a GridCars public charger:

  • A 90kW battery will cost R661.50 on a DC charger, and R529.20 on an AC charger.
  • A 30kW battery will cost R220.50 on a DC charger, and R176.40 on an AC charger.