Earlier today Google South Africa announced it will be giving anyone in Africa a chance to gain digital skills at no cost. The platform Digify Africa has been setup for this purpose and is aimed at 18-35 year-olds who want to learn more.


The website says it’s open to beginners, pros or anyone in-between and covers everything in the digital world like content creation, SEO, website, and AdWords; and has 3 levels to choose from. Each topic is a byte-size mini course. If you currently visit the site, you will see Social Media, Digital vs Traditional and Content Creation. Each person who completes a course will receive a certificate. There are currently 9 courses available, and they hope to have about 50 by July this year.

“#Digi101 is the raw basics. #DigiKnow takes you deeper with an explainer video, while #DigiDo sets you a practical challenge. Complete all 3 and you’re one step closer to getting Digified. Look out for brand new challenges coming soon.”

Google has made a pledge to train one million Africans in digital skills over the next 12 months.

There’s also Digify Pro, a 3-month immersion program for digital specialists. It is run by Google volunteers, who are helping the Livity team with content development, training, and delivering the training. These programmes have been launched in Kenya, Nigeria and now South Africa.

Luke McKend Country Director, South Africa: “The internet is at the heart of economic growth and the Digital Skills Program is aimed at helping more Africans play a part in the digital economy. Everyone can succeed online, start a new business, grow their existing one, or share their passion.”