FNB has announced a price reduction of vehicle licence renewals on the FNB App, in line with what the official Natis website charges. The reduced service fee, inclusive of delivery is now R99. However, when renewing multiple vehicle licence discs, there will be a R49 service fee per additional car in the same basked, says FNB.


Renewing a vehicle licence on the FNB app, just like you do online, requires no paperwork. The process for FNB customers is that you simply scan your licence disc and complete the process on the app using its secure in-app payment.

If you’re wondering what the advantage is to doing it on FNB instead of the Natis website directly, is that you can opt to pay for it using eBucks.

FNB’s head of nav, Jolandé Duvenage, says the process is lets customers easily renew a license disc, track progress on renewal, have the disc delivered straight to your door, and receive free reminders for the next renewal.

“The service continues to grow in popularity, with over 942 000 vehicles uploaded to the platform and 260 000 vehicle license renewals completed since 2017.” ~ Jolandé Duvenage, head of FNB nav

FNB says vehicle licence renewals are part of its nav» Car offering that includes free vehicle value estimates; pay traffic fines; protect, or insure their vehicles against theft, scratches, or dents; and take up an extended warranty to minimise the cost of mechanical repairs.

It also offers a vehicle marketplace to connect buyers with vetted sellers, with finance arranged through Wesbank. It said in a statement that there are 6 000 active vehicles from WesBank-approved dealers and private sellers listed on the nav» Marketplace with over 1 million searches to date.

The company added that its vehicle licence renewal service has reduced the renewal time to 10 minutes, saving customers a collective 24 million hours across 240 000 license renewals done via the app.