In partnership with FNB, Recharged will share more about the 2023 eBucks programme, what to expect and what features we’re most excited to try. This article is part two of a three part content series with FNB. If you missed the first one about the different types of Savings accounts by stages in life, click here.

If you’re an FNB customer, you will know that eBucks gets refreshed in the second half of the year. There are new changes for the loyalty programme in 2023, which was also recently named “Best Long-Term Loyalty Programme in the World” for the second year by the International Loyalty Awards.


Some of the new changes come in the form of additional fuel earn of up to R8 a litre on a monthly basis; grocery vouchers; family banking related rewards; and updates to the travel benefits.

FNB said it paid out R4 billion in eBucks in the last two years alone, and have awarded over R20billion eBucks to their customers over the last 23 years. That’s a lot eBucks being redeemed and spent.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I’ve been saving my eBucks for years to book an international flight. My favourite place to spend my eBucks is at Poetry and this year, paid in half for an iPad from Takealot, so even though it took a small dent in eBucks savings, I finally booked a spontaneous trip with all of it on 31 July! I will be traveling in September for something super exciting, keep an eye on my updates!

eBucks Rules

To get you up to speed, the new eBucks rules for 1 Aug 2023 – 31 Jul 2024 can be found here:

  • FNB Easy Account – link
  • FNB Aspire Account – link
  • FNB Premier Account – link
  • FNB Private Clients – link
  • FNB Private Wealth – link
  • RMB Private Bank – link

eBucks points changes

Depending on what account type you hold, check the links shared above to see how many points you now require to meet each level. For my account type, I noticed the number of points needed to move up rewards levels have been reduced so it’s easier. And additionally, there are more ways I can earn points. Example, previously when you went into eBucks > Earn > Track My Rewards, you would have gotten around 500 points, now you get 1000 points.

I like that you can also earn points without effort, like for your credit score. I get 1000 points for being on dark green (I avoid debt and instead, save for the things I want before I swipe). I will also be checking out the new nav> Money Tools to set up a budget. The idea is to have 3 budget categories on your smart budget to get the points.

I urge you to play around the “Track My Rewards” part of the app under eBucks to see the new ways you will be rewarded. It’s still a bit early to see what my points will be on the new system, which should reflect next month. Also points tracking will be back in September. I usually keep an eye on it so make sure I’m getting my points before month end.

eBucks Highlights 2023 – My picks

Given how much I love traveling and making use of any service that makes my life easier, I’m going to share the updates I’m most excited about from the eBucks 2023-2024 program.

1. Lift Premium: I have family in the main cities in SA, i.e. Durban and Cape Town, and I usually visit by flying. The fact that all FNB customers get a 25% discount regardless of eBucks level, is a game-changer, and I don’t use this term lightly. If you don’t know what Lift Premium is, it’s a business class inspired product. You get more legroom, free seat selection, premium meals and drinks, more baggage allowance, Fast Track access in Joburg and CT airports, priority check-in and boarding, SLOW lounge access, and flexi tickets. The full list of Ts&Cs are on the Lift website.

2. FNB Global Account: I wrote about this 2019 when I first opened the account, you can catch up here. The new rules let me earn eBucks for funding my account. There’s also a separate rule where you can earn on maintaining a balance. I’m more interested in funding it when I shop overseas while I’m traveling or to simply for stuff. If you recall, when you fund your Global Account, you pay exchange fees at that point only, not when you tap or swipe the card abroad. Also,  recently there was an update to let you create a virtual card for your Global Account. I’ve loaded mine onto my Apple Watch. But more importantly, the Global Account gives you access to LoungeKey that allows for 10 global lounge visits a year.

3. Virtual Cards: If you’ve never considered using a virtual card before, now is the time because if 80% of your online spend is from a VC, you earn 2000 eBucks points; and 1000 points for in-store purchases. I’ve written a lot about it, especially how it’s safer than carrying a physical card because it can’t get stolen, and that the changing CVV number every hour adds an extra layer of security. You are now rewarded more for using your virtual card instead of physical card at Shoprite, Clicks, iStore, Engen, Arc Beauty, Netflix, Spotify, and FNB Car Insurance.

4. Fuel Rewards: Okay, we know fuel is one of those “grudge” purchases, and getting rewarded for paying for it softens the blow. Instead of being rewarded every quarter previously, the new rules mean you earn eBucks back every month. You can more back per month if you swipe with a virtual card depending on eBucks level, and additional for Wesbank finance (or Toyota Financial Services) and FNB Car Insurance.

eBucks new and improved benefits for 2023 – full list

  • Grocery vouchers
    The monthly voucher for FNB Easy PAYU increases to R20 to supplement the purchases on groceries and any other necessities at Checkers, Shoprite, and Usave outlets, removing the restriction on products and customers having to pay R5 to redeem the voucher.
  • New travel discounts
    FNB Easy Smart and FNB Aspire customers can now qualify for discounts of R50 per bus ticket for each qualifying traveler when booking via QuickBus on the FNB App. Additionally, FNB Aspire customers can now enjoy discounts of R100 per ticket for each qualifying traveler for domestic bookings made via eBucks travel on the FNB App as a new benefit. Customers that meet the requirements in August will qualify for these travel discounts in September. Similarly, FNB Premier to FNB Private Wealth customers get up to 40% discounts for each qualifying traveler for bookings made via QuickBus on the FNB App. From FNB Premier to FNB Private Wealth, customers can continue to earn more complimentary visits to the SLOW Lounges as they move up a reward level. With each flight booking made with eBucks Travel they unlock even more complimentary visits, regardless of their reward level. The latter also includes FNB Aspire customers. Visits can be tracked on the FNB App for convenience.
  • FNB Connect
    Along with other customers who have been enjoying free monthly FNB Connect benefits for their respective accounts, FNB Easy PAYU customers will start receiving free 100 MB of data, 35 voice minutes, and 35 SMSes every month on their active FNB Connect SIM.
  • Fuel Rewards – up to R8/L at Engen is now monthly
    The additional fuel benefit for qualifying customers will be awarded monthly instead of quarterly, with qualifying customers earning up to R8/L back in eBucks monthly when paying with a virtual card. Customers will receive up to R2/L for having FNB Car Insurance on their vehicles and an additional R2/L separately if they have vehicles financed with WesBank.
  • New LIFT Premium partner and benefit
    Irrespective of their eBucks level, customers will get a generous 25% discount when booking a flight with LIFT Premium using eBucks Travel on the FNB or the RMB Private Bank apps and a complimentary SLOW lounge visit.  Customers will now also find upfront discounted prices when searching for flights via the FNB or RMB Private Bank apps.
  • Pay for license renewals using eBucks
    Customers can now use eBucks to pay for license renewals using nav» Car on the FNB App.
  • Family Banking
    Customers with a family banking profile will get an additional monthly Kauai smoothie and an extra quarterly Wimpy burger or meal for the kids.  This is to encourage customers to maximise the benefits of banking as a family. Customers can earn up to 40% back in eBucks on their Netflix and Spotify subscriptions when a Virtual Card is loaded for payment.

If you to know more info, visit the eBucks website.