How to choose a power bank? Everything you need to know from smartphone battery capacity, how much power you would need, features to look out for, fast charging, budget and brands.

Power banks are one of those essential items – and with load shedding occurring more frequently, it makes sense to keep a spare or two on hand. If you have a big family, buy one for each member of your household. An easy way to manage power banks is to create a dedicated charging station in your living area to ensure you always have fully charged power banks at the ready.

A quick look at smartphone battery capacity

The bigger the phone, the larger the battery. The Samsung S series battery could range from anywhere between 3700mAh to 5000mAh, though it’s a given that the Ultra is on the high end of the spectrum. An iPhone Mini has around 2400mAh whereas the Pro Max goes up to 4300mAh, and somewhere in the middle is the Pro at around 3000mAh.

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