The Audi DataPlug is now available for vehicles from 2008 onwards. It is the same DataPlug that sister company Volkswagen introduced in South Africa back in 2020.

Audi DataPlug

The hardware will turn older vehicles into a connected car and can be installed at Audi dealerships at no extra cost.

The Audi DataPlug is available for free to existing Audi customers, but the company states, “whose vehicles have a model year introduction from 2008 onwards and that doesn’t currently offer Audi’s latest connected integrated technology.”

It works alongside the Audi connect plug and play app for Android and iOS and pairs over Bluetooth. It comes at at time when customers are now holding onto their vehicles for longer, and that’s no surprise, given the cost of fuel, and everything else.

Audi Connect Plug and Play

The retrofit solution offers a car data overview on the app that includes mileage, fuel levels, vehicle identification number; and other aspects like driving style; service dates; roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown; automated recording of car location; as well as an automated connection to their selected dealer partner.

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More info available via Audi.