It’s been a while since I did an app of the week but I’m excited to share this particular one with you called Stocard. It’s a loyalty card wallet. I’m sure you all know how I feel about digital wallets – absolutely love them and I will sign up with every single one if it means not taking out my wallet from my bag. Stocard is like that, but for all your loyalty cards in one place. So no reason to carry around a BIG wallet. You can go really minimal now.


The Stocard app is a global one, but has support for South Africa; and works on both Android and iOS. Also, the company only yesterday rolled out a completely new design and look for the app, which worked out great as I was going to post about it this week anyway. It’s so new that the website still has the old logo; the apps have been updated though.

What you do is sign up; you don’t have to but if you’d rather have all your info backed to the cloud, then it’s best to sign up. It supports Touch ID on iOS so you don’t have to bother with putting in a password when you’re at the tills. You choose your region so you get specials relating to it, but I haven’t seen any in South Africa since I’ve been using it.

Go to the Cards tab and tap on the + button to start loading loyalty cards. All available ones are listed alphabetically, and you can find supported ones like Clicks, Ackermans, Dis-Chem, Exclusives, eBucks, FlySAA, MySchool, Pick n Pay, Sorbet, Spar, Ster-Kinekor, The Body Shop, and Woolworths. The other two tabs are Offers and Settings. You can enable Touch ID and your region under settings.


On the Cards tab you will see a neat thumbnail display of your cards (previous version had a list). It’s easy to spot and get to quicker when you’re at the till. Don’t worry too much about stores if they tend to swipe the loyalty card through the machine at the till as they also have a manual input method. I use mine mainly at Clicks and Woolworths and the ladies at the till just punch in the number if they don’t have a scanner.

If you go into an individual loyalty card, there’s a ‘notes’ tab for you add any other info, and ‘photos’ if you want to take a pic of the front and the back of the card. I’ve only done it with my Voyager card so it shows my status and validity since it’s an annual thing. Didn’t see the need to do it for anything else so far.

If your wallet is filled with loyalty cards, go download Stocard on Android and iPhone right now! It works well. The website also has a “suggest card” option if you want anything particular added. Oh it also has Apple Watch support, but do you want to be *that* person, getting your wrists scanned?

When we eventually get to being cardless and cashless, I will be very happy. But baby steps…

EDIT: The app works with Virgin Active – best news ever; don’t have to carry gym card around! Just go to ‘add card’ as it’s not listed. But the logo will come up after manually adding. Please note that it has worked for me in at least 3 different gyms in my area and surrounds. It does not appear to work on older gyms/with older scanners.